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February 22
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You knocked at the door of Feliciano and, his brother, Lovino's house.
A hoarse voice, with a heavy Italian accent called out from the other side of the door, "Come in."
So, you walked inside to see Lovino lying down on the couch, a baby blue blanket over him, his curl drooping slightly, looking sick, and with his general, grumpy expression upon his face. Upon, seeing you, however, he seemed more bewildered than grumpy.

"(N-Name), what are you doing here?" he questioned.
Smiling, you began to explain, "Well, Feli told me you were sick, and he really needed to go somewhere so he asked me to come over and look after you."
Lovino groaned, "He's only gone to do some stupid grocery shopping. You don't need to-"
"He's gone to visit Ludwig." you quickly interrupted, wanting to avoid an argument.
"THAT STUPID POTATO-JERK," he cried, only to be interrupted once more, but this time by his own sneeze.

You smiled at him. Sure he was grumpy and rude at times, but you genuinely liked him, as a friend that is. Carrying the bag of groceries you had brought along to the kitchen, you said, "I'm going to go make you some tomato soup, alright?"
You didn't wait for his answer, and went into he kitchen. Pulling out a packet of instant soup, you boiled some water over the stove and dumped its contents in. Deciding that it was okay to leave the soup alone now, you went back into the living room to check on Lovino.

While he was still muttering curses under his breath, you went over to him and checked his forehead. It was warm, without a doubt and the temperature would have to be a minimum of at least 101 farenhiet.
"Yeah, it's a definite fever," you mumbled. 
"The stupid idiota," you caught him mumbling under his breath,"Leaving me for that potato bastardo..."
"I'm sure Feli meant well," you said immediately, determined to cover for your friend," I heard Ludwig was pretty stressed out, and Feli just went to see him like a good friend. Plus he called me over so you wouldn't be alone, so he really cares about you."
"Yeah, sure, raggaza" said Lovino rolling his eyes at you, "That's why that idiota left me alone here."

You opened your mouth to remind him that he hadn't left him alone, when you were suddenly reminded of the soup. Mainly because you heard it simmering over the stove, and probably burning, or whatever it was soups did that made them taste horrid. Deciding it was better for you to get him the soup rather than continue arguing, you ran back to the kitchen. The soup had boiled over. You hastily took it off the stove and tasted it. Great, if not perfect! You took out a bowl from one of the cupboards and poured the soup in. It spilled around the edges and you cursed, taking a tissue paper out and wiping it off. Finally, you placed it in a tray and brought it to the living room, where Lovino was still lying down and looking, legitimately, ticked off.

"Here's the soup!" you said , placing the tray in front of him. Realizing he might be feeling to weak to get up, you sat down on a chair next to him, deciding to feed it to him yourself. You didn't feel like arguing much, so you decided to forget what he had said before.

"I can drink it myself," he mumbled averting his gaze.
"Yes, But you're sick." you pointed out, blowing on a spoonful before offering it to him.
He pulled his face back from it, embarrassed, but eventually the delicious smell of tomatoes won over and he drank it. 
You smiled, and fed him a few more spoonfuls. 
After a while, you asked him a question that had been troubling you for a while now. "Hey, Lovi," you questioned, "Do you like me?"
He nearly choked on his soup. "Wh-What?!"
"N-no," you said eyes wide, "As in, you like a friend or whatever."
He gave a small 'oh' look and replied, "Y-yes, ragazza, I like you."
"Then is it Feli you have something against?" you asked, seriously doubting he'd answer 'yes'.
"Then why were you upset?"
He remained silent.
"C'mon," you insisted, nudging him playfully,"You can tell me!"
"Because everyone likes..." he began. He hesitated, and then sighed. "Soup. Tomato soup. Everyone likes it."
You stared at him uncertainly, and then shrugged. If he didn't want to talk about it, then who were you to remain persistent.
A few spoonfuls later, you figured out your own reason why. 
"Lovino," you said smiling, "Don't tell Feli I said this but I'd pick you over him, any day."
He turned nearly as red as his soup, but didn't say anything.
You took it as a good response.
"Hey, Lovi," you said, knitting your eyebrows together, worried. You placed your hand over his burning forehead. "Are you alright? You've gotten warmer and your face is red..."
"I-I'm fine!" he replied suddenly, "Just fine."
You shrugged your shoulders and went back to the kitchen to place the now empty bowl back.
As soon as you were earshot however, he said, to himself rather than you that is, "Thank you, bella."


"He's still not back," grumbled Lovino glancing over at the clock. 
You sighed. He had been in a good mood for a few hours, but now that the evening was setting in, he had become more irritable. Lovino yawned, and you remembered that it was probably best for him to rest.
"Hey," you said, "I think you should be taking a nap or something right about now. You're sick after all."
Lovino mumbled something under his breath, but you decided that he agreed with you.
"Now let me read you a bed time story!" you said cheerfully.
Lovino threw you a weirded out look. "I'm __ years old, (Name)" he said, "I don't need any stupid bed time stories."
"But I want to read you one!" you whined, "Please?"
"Okay then!" you replied gleefully, heading towards the bookshelf, "Bed time story it is then!"
Lovino groaned, shutting his eyes, as you came back with a big brown book with, strangely enough, no title.
"Okay, let's go with this thing," you said, flipping it open.
O-Oggi (Name) è venuti-no wait, I think it's venuto-di nuovo il sopravvento. Cercò fare conversazione con me, ma ho in,uh, incasinato come sempre. Lei mi fa così agitata a volte, non riesco a parlare con lei normalmente. Penso ... penso...penso che mi piace di lei!"
Lovino's eyes shot wide open as he realized what you were actually reading. His journal.
"Ugh," you said, "Do you have any book in English? I suck at pronouncing Italian-"
"G-give me that!" said Lovino, making a grab at the book. You pulled it out of his reach last second.
"Why?" you asked, curious.
"I-It's my journal" he answered, blushing brightly.
"O-oh" you said, feeling a bit sheepish for not realizing sooner. You handed it over to him. "Here you go"
He swiped it quickly away.
"J-just read me something else, instead"
You nodded, smiling, glad that he had finally agreed.


"Ah-Ah-AHCHOO!" you sneezed.
Lovino sighed and looked at you somewhat pitifully. 
You sniffled and huddled in your blanket for warmth. Unfortunately, you had caught the cold from none other than Lovino, and now it was his turn to look after you
"Open wide, ragazza," he said, giving you a spoonful of (Favorite soup flavour) soup.
"This is so unfair," you muttered under your breath.

But who were you to complain, you though. You had Lovino here paying you back after all. Plus, you had managed, using Google Translate of course, to decipher what his journal entry meant.

'She makes me so flustered sometimes, I can't talk to her normally. I think...I think I like her.'

I like you too, Lovi, you thought happily to yourself, a lot

Today (Name) came over again. She tried making conversation with me, but I screwed up as always. She makes me so flustered  sometimes, I can't talk to her normally. I think...I think I like her.

frick this is old =w= and cheesy

Edit 4/26/14:
Okay guys I get it. Google translate messed up, okay? I get it, so I don't need anyone telling me this.
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